Abortion is Big Business

If there’s ample evidence that abortion is harmful to women, and ample evidence that it ends the life of a real human being, why does it remain legal? The same reason anything else that harms millions of people remains legal – there’s too much money in it. Follow the money, and you always get to the dirt.

In Bloodmoney, we interviewed former clinic owners who stated explicitly that abortion was strategically placed in a sales pipeline as the large “back end” sale, for which sex education and contraception were the low cost, “front end” products. From a strictly business perspective, it’s a clever strategy. According to the Guttmacher Institute, birth control fails 2,000,000 times a year in the U.S, an 2 out of 3 women claim they were using some kind of contraception when they got pregnant.

Watch a 4min excerpt from our film about money now:

One clinic owner, Carol Everett, told us a great deal of detail about their particular sales process. Like any other business, they defined a target market, set sales goals, determined common customer objections, and developed a sales process to overcome the objections. This might be OK if you’re selling DVD players, but when you’re selling abortions, it becomes a pretty sinister picture. It looked like this:

The Abortion Sales Pipeline:

1) Sales Goal: 3-5 abortions from every girl from 13-18.

2) Front End Sale: Sex Education Lectures in public schools.

Objective: to break down their natural modesty, encourage sexual activity, and become the sex experts in their lives when they need contraception and abortion.

3) Mid Level Sales: Cheap Contraception

Objective: to make a small sale that leads to a larger sale

Ms. Everett explicitly admitted that they offered the cheapest condoms, the ones most likely to break.

Regarding the birth control pill, Ms. Everett said, “We gave them a low dose birth control bill that, in order to provide any protection, had to be taken at the same time every single day. The girl wouldn’t take it accurately the sexually activity goes from 1 day a week to 5-7 times a week, and she gets pregnant. Who does she come to when she’s pregant? She comes to us. We’re the sex expert in her life.”

4) Back End Sales: Abortions

Ms. Everett said, “We were ready. We used a script designed to overcome every objection – that’s what sales is: you overcome objections and you get the order.” The most important step in this script was to identify the girl’s fear. Why was she afraid of having this baby? This info was designed to be used so that if she started to move away from an abortion decision and began consulting with her support network, the fear would be be pressed on her to compell her to make the abortion decision quickly.

The first target “yes” in the sales process was to persuade her to have an on site pregnancy test. If they test proved positive, they were taught to grab the bony part of her elbow and say, “this test is positive. If you have your money, we can take care of this right now.” If she wavered about the cost, they would pressure her by reminding her that abortions become more expensive and more risky the longer you wait.

If a girl came up negative on a standard pregnancy test, the script would move to warnings about false negatives, and they would move to a sonogram. There, they would simply find a blob in her abdomen (you can find a blob in anyone’s abdomen) and say, “See, there it is. And you want to be sure, don’t you? If you have your money, we can take care of this right now.”

Evertett paid her sales people by commission — based on the number of completed abortions.

How effective were these tactics? Everett’s clinic paid for itself in the 1st month.

The Net Result

Planned Parenthood alone has become a billion dollar industry, largely cash and largely unregulated due to ongoing political pressure. 1/3 of that billion dollars is subsidized — in other words, its our taxpayer money. The profits of Planned Parenthood, in turn, get plowed back into powerful lobbies and political campaigns, and that helps ensure that the industry stays subsidized and unregulated.

Help Spread the Word and End This Manipulation of Women

If this information upsets you, there is something you can do. You can help get the word out by giving out copies of Bloodmoney to women who need to hear the truth. Just order a $10 sleeve-only copy of our full length documentary today!.

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7 Responses to Abortion is Big Business

  1. George Morton says:

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    I purchased a $150 public showing, not-for-profit copy of “Blood Money”, and have shown it to high schoolers on buses going to the March for Life, Knights of Columbus, nuns (the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate), my parish’s respect life committee, and family members. After the final credits have rolled by, there is always a profound, deep silence, as if we were standing at a grave praying for the dead. Thank you for making this film. George A Morton, editor. The Parish Visitor

  2. Laura Young says:

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    I believe Ms. Everett completely, however, there are many who will say she is just a “disgruntled” former employee slinging mud, as they like to say about Abby Johnson. What can be said about Ms. Everett that could counter this assertion?

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    I’m an author and speaker who wrote three memoirs. The last one is a sequel titled Please, God, Not Two; This Killer Called Alcoholism (2010). It was nominated for the “Editor’s Choice Award” by Allbook Reviews of Canada.

    This heartbreaking story is about my daughter, Lori Cahill, who died at 39 years of age from alcohol addiction. I also wrote about the abortion I had forced her into during her early teen years.

    If you need a story in the future, I’d be happy to add to it.

  4. Dan Miller says:

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    A very generous donor gave us over 100 Blood Money DVD’s. We gave all of them away in front of an abortion mill in Milwaukee to young moms going in and on the way out. If they saved one life from abortion and its devastating effects it is worth it. Thanks for making the movie. It is saving lives and exposing the abortion industry at its core. I hope and pray that a sequel will not be needed, as abortion will be outlawed sooner rather than later.

  5. Joanne Hallenbeck says:

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    This documentary should be seen by every teen and adult. The abortion industry- and it is an industry- has been built on lies from the very beginning, and all those who were big players in this industry and came to see the light, like Bernard Nathanson,
    Carol Everett and Abby Johnson, have attested to that. The truth must be told!
    Abortion leaves one dead and one wounded. Planned Parenthood (along with other abortuaries) is the only winner.

  6. erby davy lajara says:

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    Thanks much guys for all the support, affirmation and encouragement you are giving us especially for us here in the philippines. Indeed, lies, deception and manipulation are the names of the paradigm pro rh are employing. All these unmasking you are doing will greatly boost us here.
    God bless
    Ave Maria

  7. Brian says:

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    Blood Money is an important tool to end abortion period! “Money, money-money”, was a popular refrain from a R & B hit from the past. But, not much has changed today. The love of the dollar has always been the root of evil and Blood Money documents this very well.

    Maafa also an excellent documentary focuses in on the history of Planned Parenthood. Blood Money focuses in on the business practices of the abortion industrial comlex. In addition it gives a brief glimpse of the wake of abortion, namely post abortion and forced sterilization trauma and how it affects women.

    Show them both!